Should You Wear Brothel Creepers?

May be you saw somebody wearing brothel creepers and you never liked them.  Maybe you disliked their weird appearance or very large soles. This shouldn’t worry you much if you are a fashion enthusiast. The reason being that there are many trendy fashion that will surely meet your personal needs.


Fashion enthusiasts are supposed to look good and appealing. They are supposed to adopt to unique fashion methods. But still, a good number of the trendy or latest fashions seem no practical. Some also seem uncomfortable, abstract and weird. What you need to keep in mind is that as a fashion enthusiast, you shouldn’t worry about the criticism. You are supposed to explore unique and latest fashion trends.


Are Creeper Shoes Outdated?


You may not like wearing creeper shoes but the reality of the matter is that they are trendy. The added bonus is that they blend well with different dress codes. What actually make these shoes unique is their background. Did you know that shoes were worn during 2nd World War?


If you visit your local shoe store or check over the internet, you will see creepers are of countless styles and color combinations. So, what is so interesting about their history? These shoes were the main footwear for solders during the 2nd World War. Since the shoes have extremely thick crepe soles, they were deemed fit for walking on harsh terrain of North Africa. They were the best shoes for the solders because they protect their feet against the harsh conditions.


Solders had to return home after the war ended. They kept wearing these shoes even while going to the clubs and night-outs. When people saw this, they also started wearing them and that is the way the shoes become popular. As a fashion enthusiast, there is something you have learned about this brief history of creepers. They were trendy then and that’s why people started wearing them. Also, they are trendy now.


Just ask any rock lover the shoes he or she will buy. She or he will definitely tell you brothel creepers. Actually, you don’t have to be a rock lover to love these shoes. There are many high quality creepers in the market that you will really love. Such shoes can readily be purchased from local stores or online shoe stores. If you don’t like the classic rugged options, you can opt for the many contemporary variations available.


Why You Will Definitely Love Wearing Creeper Shoes


Just as mentioned previously, some people may not be comfortable wearing creeper shoes. Some people think that these shoes are heavy, big and weird. Some people may also not like their slippers-appearance especially on wedges. Also, some people may find these shoes unprofessional. The secret of wearing creepers is that you shouldn’t feel shy wearing them. If you are shy, then you shouldn’t wear them.


As mentioned, these shoes match well with many dress codes. Also, there are many styles that will surely match your personal tastes. It is imperative to ensure that the shoes fit comfortably and snugly. There are even vegan shoes if you don’t like the leather shoes.


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