5 fashion accessories that you simply cannot get out of your house without!

When it comes to fashion and style, every individual has their own way of thinking about it. Some people like bold colors, some like classy and mellow colors and cuts TC. Regardless of all these styles and preferences that people have, one thing that is quite common, and very important when it comes to fashionable attire and looks. That one thing is how you accessorize your outfits and overall looks.

If you really come to think about it, this is very much true. There are certain fashion accessories that you simply cannot leave your house without. You can play mix and match with these accessorize or skip some for a day or two, but they will always be in your accessories list.

Here are 5 of those essential accessories.

1.     Handbags:

Every woman understands the need of a handbag, whenever they plan to step out of their homes. Not only do handbags look good and complete your outfit, they are also very useful when it comes to storing things that you might need. For example, your makeup, your sunglasses, wallet, mp3 player, a book Etc. It is a long list of things when you are a woman and you have a bag to carry with you as well.

2.     Eyewear:

No matter if they are prescription glasses, or simple sunglasses, you can style them up. Eyeglasses are insanely attractive and make you look attractive as well. Even if you are wearing contact lenses, like the Alcon Ciba Vision Contact Lenses from Titan Eyeplus, you can still carry a pair of sexy, oversized pair of sunglasses that will complement your looks and also save you from the harsh sunlight.

3.     A black blazer:

If you work in an office or you want to carry a look that screams professional, yet chic, then you need to get yourself a black blazer. Blazers have a way to give you that professional look that you are aiming for. It is perfect for any and all body types. The best thing is that you can pair a blazer up with anything at all, for example, a skirt, jeans Etc.

4.     Flats and heels:

It is extremely important that you have at least one pair of both, flats and heels, that will make you stand out from the crowd. For example, ballet flats that have sequins and beads on them can make any outfit turn from boring to stylish and feminine.

5.     Necklaces:

Gold and silver chains and necklaces have a way of bringing your outfit up a few notches. Even if you are wearing a white tank top and a flannel button down shirt over it, just add a few necklaces. You can still add a long necklace or a chunky necklace that will work excellent with the color and the style of your formal attire like a classy, long summer dress. This way you can make a simple outfit stand out with your necklace.